Take & Bake Meals

For generations, the Venditti Family has been passing down secret family recipes that originated in the "old country". So fill your home with the aroma of a Fine Italian Eatery by taking home some fresh pasta in traditional sauces, with salad and crusty bread, and truly experience Italian Family Meals that are a convenient, affordable and healthy choice.

  Individual Family

Meat Lasagna

7.99 24.99

Vegetable Lasagna

7.99 25.99

Cheese Cannelloni

7.99 26.99

Cheese Tortellini
Served with tomato cream sauce & asiago cheese.

7.99 24.99

Rigatoni Parmigiana
Served with meatballs.

7.99 24.99

Rotini Primavera
Served with roasted garlic tomato sauce, vegetables & mozzarella.

7.99 25.99

Rigatoni Arabiatta
Served with sausage & peppers.

7.99 25.99

Chicken Parmigiana
Served with tomato sauce & mozzarella.

7.99 26.99

Rotini Chicken Marsala
Chicken, mushroom Marsala wine sauce.

- 26.99

Rigatoni Alfredo
Served with grilled chicken & mozzarella

- 26.99
Family sized trays serve approximately 4-6 people and take 45 minutes to bake. Please call ahead and we will have your family size meal ready to take home and bake.    

Fresh Pasta
Spaghetti, rigatoni, linguine, rotini or fettuccine.

(100g) 0.99
Whole wheat rigatoni (100g) 1.10

Stuffed Pasta
Cheese tortellini, cheese ravioli, meat tortellini or meat ravioli.

(100g) 1.99

Specialty Stuffed Pasta
Butternut squash, mushroom, goat cheese, sweet potato, mushroom.

We have a variety of different specialty stuffed pastas. Please ask your server for today's selections.


Fresh Sauces
Meat sauce, roasted red pepper, tomato pesto, roasted garlic plum tomato, tomato cream, tomato sauce, alfredo, alfredo pesto, tomato dill, red  pepper alfredo, arrabiatta, tomato basil, or pesto.